Farmers Advice Chat: How to Reduce Post-harvest Losses of Crops


You are correct. More workers would be required.


Never heard of that… who are adhoc workers?


Adhoc workers are people you engage when you need their services for a particular exercise or operation for a short period of time.


I guess its appropriate to factor the cost of these adhoc workers into your initial cost projections for production just so you do not become stranded at this point. It is one thing to know what the solutions is/are but when finances are lacking, it can be quite helpless. So capture this in your budget at the onset.


In other news, some post-Harvest losses can’t be controlled…


Oh okay…Please is there any contact details for them?? I need them. Another harvest season is coming and I wouldn’t want to record as much losses as the last time…


The reason why I use just my friends for harvesting is to reduce cost and avoid working with deceitful workers.


Well, she says it can…


If they are trained or knowledgeable about what you would have them; then, this is a fantastic option. But you need to be sure that they are not contributing to losses at harvest through counter-productive harvest practices.


@cosmas.ezejiofor You are quite right . Using a maize farm as an example. After your maize attains maturity , it has to undergo a process called drying . This could be done manually or mechanically. we all know majority of the farmers are sun drying their maize and sometimes during the process rain falls on the maize and when this happens there is bound to be a loss whether quantity or quality


So there will always be losses? Right?


Well, so far we all work hard during harvest time…


You have to rely on the workers around your farm and monitor them while the are working. Importing labour would increase your production cost


There are some losses that cannot be controlled. We just need to reduce those losses. Right now post harvest losses account for over 30% of the world’s food production.


Thank you everyone for participating. It’s been amazing.


Thank you @Nisot for joining in… It was a very interesting chat…


30% ? That is a lot.


Thank you ma. Please do you have any contact details for Adhoc workers?


Thank you so much to everyone that joined us in this session. I hope you got value from this.

It was really eye-opening for me, so, thank you Tosin.

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