Farmers Advice Chat: How to Reduce Post-harvest Losses of Crops

Join Tosin Odulawa, Farmcrowdy’s Update Development Officer as she anchors the topic: How to Reduce Post-Harvest Losses of Crops, in our upcoming Farmers Advice Series on Friday, 5th of October, 2018.

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I quickly want us to understand the meaning of post -Harvest losses of crops. Some of you might think post- harvest losses stop on the farm site, it might shock you to know that post-harvest losses occur at different stages till the produce gets to the consumer table then it becomes food losses or food wastage.


Post-harvest losses can be quantitative and also qualitative. This means that the reduction in the quantity of your harvest as well as the quality is a loss


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Is it when it gets to the consumers table or starts from when the farmers take off the crop?

Loss, loss both ways!! Right?

It starts from the day your crops attain maturity till it gets to the consumer table

Yes, We don’t usually see it that way and that is why there are operations like sorting an degrading in primary processing

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There are different strategies that we can utilize to reduce post harvest losses.

  1. Harvesting immediately your crops attain maturity is priority. Farmers are usually not well prepared for harvest. We should always plan properly for harvest in terms of human capital, logistics and for those who are selling to off takers, information should be sent across through a proper channel to the off takers.

  2. Primary Processing: This includes drying , cleaning, sorting, grading. We should also carry out these operations with care. Majority of the losses occur during these operations.

  3. Storage system or facility is one of the many things a farmer needs to consider before even planting. Having a good storage system/facility will mitigate post-harvest losses.

In conclusion, handling of our harvest crops in an appropriate manner will go a long way in mitigating post harvest losses


That is before the harvesting starts right???

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@Nisot, I have a large farm divided into sections for different crops. It’s mostly just me and 2 of my friends that work on it to harvest crops. So most times before we get to the end of the farmland, the crops would have gone bad.

Is there a better way to avoid this?

Get more workers I think… Right @Nisot?

Yes, before harvesting period the farmers need to prepare

All you need to do is get adhoc workers for that period so harvesting is done at once

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