Farmers Advice Chat: How to Properly Manage a Farm


Yes, that’s true…most people think money first


The biggest mistake most people make is to to take all their life savings and invest into a phase of aquaculture. My advice usually is to start moderately and expand, This will enable you learn many things before you get in big time.


A good manager is that person who get the proper thing done on his business whether he/she is present or not. It take time, hard work, exemplary leadership and team spirit to be a good Manager.


Thank you all. We will go deeper next time


Thaaank you so much Isaiah… This is a very very insightful one.


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It was an insightful session and we look forward to the next one.


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Thanks so much, @Isaiahogaba for providing such valuable information on such an important topic. Thank you to @everyone that participated.

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