Farmers Advice Chat: How to Properly Manage a Farm


Your Strength will be the capital, the professional knowledge, etc
Your Weakness will be lack of fund and technical know-how
Your Opportunities include the available markets and the wealth expected
Your Threats includes the local fishermen and importers of frozen fish


Is catfish the only fish that can be reared for business in Nigeria?


To establish a fish farm for instance, you need to decide on the your culturing media


Why really are the local fishermen a threat?


Cat fish is not the only fish than be read in Nigeria, below are some species other than cat fish
Oreochromis species (Tilapia)
Lates niloticus (Nile Perch)
Heterotis nloticus (African amoured fish)


How lucrative is Catfish farming and how is the mortality rate?


Presently culturing media incudes
Ponds (Earthen or Concrete)
Floating cages
Rearing plastic tanks
Tapaulin tanks


Then why is Catfish the most popular fish reared in Nigeria…?


With proper management practices, the mortality is recorded around 10% of the stock


@Everyone, keep your questions coming. Our Panelist, Isaiah will include answers as he proceeds in his talk with us. Thank you


May due to lack of proper information on the other cultured species result in the culturing of mostly cat fish


Thank You for that suggestion


So how best can we manage our farms?


Presently most farm has dam and lakes which give room for polyculture of aquatic organisms


To properly manage your farms (Fishfarm), you need to have some basic knowlage of the organism you want to culture. for every type of fish feeding is be done properly


Feeding takes about 60% of the to expenditure but proper and adequate feeding give the best result


The only medium fish survive on is the water,therefore water should be available in good quantity and quality


Personal monitoring should done regularly even if there are personnel employed


Okay great… Any more tips to take note of?


To get the best results Sampling and sorting should be done periodically to enhance uniform competition among fish and to reduce cannibalism