Farmers Advice Chat: How to Properly Manage a Farm

Our Panelist today is Isaiah Otokpa Ogaba

Isaiah is an Agropreneur, an alumnus of the Federal University of Technology, Minna and graduated in 2010. He started his professional career at FUT Minna fish farm. Afterward, he worked with Dan Masani Farms Limited, as an Aquaculture Technician. Thereafter, he worked with Jamilaville Farms Company Limited and garnered considerable experience in business development, Management, and Strategy. In Jamilaville Farms Company Limited, Isaiah rose through the ranks of Aquaculture Technician to Head of Department (Aquaculture) and finally to the rank of Assistant General Manager. He was also in charge of training and the NYSC/SIWES/IT Coordinator until his joining the TCB group.

Isaiah is a member of the management team of TCB Farms Limited and contributes in the business development efforts of the company especially in the fisheries aspect.


  • Fishery Society of Nigeria (FISON)
  • Cat Fish Farmers Association of Nigeria (CAFFAN).


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@everyone, Join the Chat 2pm today with Aquaculture expert Isaiah Ogaba on how to properly manage a farm, using a Fish Farm as a Case Study. That’s just 15mins away!

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Hello everyone. Good afternoon and welcome to today’s section.

Welcome Sir. We can’t wait to drink from your well of experience.

Welcome @Isaiahogaba, We look forward to the chat already…

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In the next one hour we shall be discussing on How to properly manage a farm using Aquaculture as a case study


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We are all pumped up for what you’ve got…

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Hello! Welcome
It’s nice to have you here

Management in every aspect of life to a greater extent determines the success of any venture.


@Everyone, we are LIVE! Join us to learn the day-to-day management of a farm from someone who’s been there, done that. Come with your toughest questions!

So to succeed in the Agribusiness called Aquaculture proper management principles has to be taken seriously

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Definitely… Right.

First what is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture can be defined or explain as a part of Agriculture which deals with the the rearing of Aquatic organisms (plant and animals)

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It is presently one of the most lucrative agric biz


So fishery is just a part of aquaculture… Right?

If ask what the first thing we need to start any business, most of us will say the fund (cash) but the the first is the business idea, acceptance and determination.


In the bid to setup Aquaculture business the best tool to use for viable analysis is THE SWOT Analysis

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Please explain… What really is SWOT analysis?