Farmalert Launches Projects To Solve Livestock Issues

IN a bid to solve the problems of local livestock farmers, Farm alert has announced the launch of two special projects, namely, Farmalert Academy and Farmalert RAS Project.

Farmalert Academy is a ten-week training of ten selected livestock farmers. The training is to educate the farmers, this will assist livestock to keep better practices and make informed decisions that will improve their chances of success.

Farmalert RAS (Real-time Advisory Services) Project is the call advisory services with the unique number- 09135000435. Farmers having issues nationwide can call the number to helps solve the problems of ease of and access to enlightenment on livestock decisions and/or finding specific inputs.

The Launch was supported by Making More Health, an organization from Boehringer Ingelheim, with partnership from Ashoka. These organizations are also making it possible to train the farmers.

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