Factors Affecting Adoption of Agricultural Technology in Nigeria

Factors Affecting Adoption of Agricultural Technology in Nigeria

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I will always tell the people around me that Agricultural technology (AT) is here to stay, this is the only way to food sufficiency but the process in which the farmers of today are adopting this new trend is remarkably slow expecially in the developing countries. That’s why am going to dive into some of the factors affecting the adoption of (AT) in Nigeria and other developing countries.
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Agriculture is the oldest occupation in human history but it has hit many wrong turns along the way, without it we won’t be talking about food security today, economic growth of even poverty reduction. Over 2.5 billion people thrives in making a living from agriculture in developing countries (FAO 2003) , this figure keeps increasing and the journey to food sufficiency is becoming more of an impossible task because of certain factors that inhibit the full throttle of this wonderful occupation. Without small holder farmers there is no Agriculture, this section alone accounts for about 70 percent of total agricultural produce in developing countries, but they are blessed with little knowledge of Agricultural Technology which in turn leads to reduced yield.
The population is increasing in an alarming rate and it is only wise to buttress the issue of increasing our agricultural productivity through modern Agricultural technologies.
If only Agricultural technology(AT) is well adopted in this part of the world then I wouldn’t be so engaged with this topic, it’s importance cannot be over emphasized. Agricultural technology can lead to sustainable food production which can also accelerate the process of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Technology Adoption

Leovinsohn et al., 2013 defined technology as the means and methods of producing goods and services, including methods of organization as well as physical techniques.
He also went further by defining Adoption as the integration of new technology into existing practice and its usually proceeded by a period of trying and some degree of adaptation.
Therefore the definition of Agricultural Technology Adoption by a farmer is well dependent on the technology in which the farmer is adopting to.

What determines Agricultural technology adoption?

There are many lingering factors determining the failure of Agricultural Technology in developing countries and this stretches from the farmer’s personal characteristics, the risk involved, lack of accessible information, uncertainty about the new technology, availability of input, infrastructure and institutional constraints to mention a few.

The list of factors I will give, explains how each of these factors affect the adoption of AT in developing countries.

Technological factors ;

  • Farmers are the hardest people to convince in this world and the only way to convince them is by proving to them that the said technology will work on their farmland and in their geographical area. That’s why an on farm field trial should be carried out on farmers field, showing the farmer how the said technology works if implemented on a larger scale. But these are not the case, some Agricultural tech company feel that there is no need to convince the farmer on the current trend due to the extra expenses from such venture. These alone will make the farmer feel as if he is being forced on the said technology. Research has proven that most farmers in which on farm field trial are carried out ended up adopting the said technology than those who just saw it on TV or in any media outlets. Farmers should be involved in the evaluation of any new technology, this gives them a better understanding of the said technology.

Economic factor ;

Farm size: This is a major determinant that is affecting the adoption of technology in Agriculture today. The size of the farm says a lot about how the farmer will react about the said technology. Farmers with large farm size are more likely to adopt a certain technology due to their ability to easily spare a certain
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Factors Affecting Adoption of Agricultural Technology in Nigeria

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