Exporting of agricultural products

Are you a small, medium or large scale farmer and interested in having international buyers for your products? Are you an International buyer or importer of Agricultural products and will like to buy from Nigeria?. Merx is a sourcing and export company that specializes in the sourcing of but not limited to Ginger, Garlic, Honey, Shea butter, Hibiscus flower, Kola nut, and bItter Kola. The business has a strong market position and a coherent strategy, It has established clear steps to achieve its objective of becoming the biggest player in the agro-export industry in Nigeria in the next five years. Merx Online sourcing has also apart from sourcing and exporting the commodities herself introduced an online platform www.merx.ng where farmers, resellers, and wholesalers can register, create a #business profile and display their products for international buyers, the aim of this platform is to reduce wastage incurred by farmers during harvest and also increase their revenue by providing a wider market for them to sell their products. For enquiry, collaborations and partnerships.
website:www.merx.ng Email: info@merx.ng Telephone: 234 (0) 7059 581 358
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