Expert wants evaluation of soils across Nigeria

Dr Samuel Uweni, a Don and consultant soil pedologist at the University of Benin, has urged state governments to carry out proper land evaluation and survey of all soil types in their states.
Uweni, who made this call in Benin, argued that having a soil data base would help improve yields of crops as well as investment in crop production.
He said some states across the country had carried out soil survey of their soils and developed soil maps and data base, which were being used by investors to know what type of crop production to venture into.
According to the expert, crop production stands on a tripod , the soil, crop and management, and if any of these fails, the farmer is in trouble.
“The government should help tackle the issue of soil for us by making sure that good and productive lands are available for investors interested in crop production.
“The way to ensure this development is to do a proper land evaluation and soil survey and produce soil maps of states that can be available to investors.
“If a state as Edo for instance, is able to achieve this, investors will not need to go through stress of getting to know the type of land that will be good, maybe for oil palm or rice production,” he said.
He added that when such maps were available, what the state government needed to do was to present the map to an investor intending to go into crop production.
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