Expert Suggests Ways To Reduce Cost Of Feeds For Poultry Production

AN expert in the poultry value chain, Mr Taofiq Hamzat, has suggested ways poultry farmers can reduce cost of feeds for poultry production by producing themselves.


Hamzat, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hamkat Global Services and Principal Partner, Jazkat Integrated Services, while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune, noted globally, feeds account for more 60 to 70 per cent of poultry production.

He further stated that:”For a farmer to generate enough money from his poultry farm, he must be able to take care of the feeds. There are ways with which cost of feeds can be reduced. The first one is for a farmer to formulate his own diet, for instance, a 25kg bag of broiler feed is about N7,300, one bird will eat eat close to 4kg till market size which means we are talking about 16 bags of feeds, if you multiply that, that will be N115,000.

Source- Tribune