Excited Farmers Recount Gains Of Planting PBR Beans

Sahabi Mainasara a 42-year-old beans farmer in Sokoto State said he was contemplating on leaving bean farming until one of his friends introduced him to SAMPEA-20T, a new variety of beans that had just been released by the Institute of Agricultural Research, Zaria.

“I had just cleared the field where I usually plant my beans but was not convinced on why I should plant beans when in the last few years, I had made nothing but debts from investing my little resources in planting beans.

Some months ago, a friend of mine, Ishaq Jabo told me about this new bean and with pressure from my wife I decided to try it,”

“Since I harvested the beans, I have gone to thank Ishaq Jabo countless times because I have never seen anything like this. In a matter of 70 days, the beans is ready, the harvest is unbelievable.

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