Efficient and correct Usage of Agrochemicals

The use of Agrochemical in farming and public protection is very important in this age of technologies. In farming it makes easy and in public gives Confort when used efficiently.

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Good afternoon, kindly refers me to book, article or write up that can explain to me the quantity of fertilizer to be applied to farm land, how it’s applied and time interval of applying. Thanks

Good day to you, sorry for the delay in replying back your questions.
As regards to your questions, there are books that explains all in General. But in case of you want to produce or farm a particular crop you will need to be consulted.

Farming is more than you getting ready fertilizer to be used alone. You need to be explained to, from land clearing up to the harvest and even storage.

If you need it, let’s arrange for it after you have choose the crop you wish to produce in this coming cropping season. Every chemicals and fertilizers to be used will be explained to you in full.

I await your response.

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T&D Agrochemicals

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate. Am going for tomatoes, lady finger, chill pepper and pumpkin vegetables. They are already at nursery stage.

Pls I want to plant rice one hectare and maize one hectare. Pls wht r the fertilizer and chemical needed