Effect of burning farm land

To clear the farms in readiness for the next planting season, many farmers will burn the residues.But it is important to note that burning of crop waste on the farm is discouraged.The roots, chaff, stems and leaves left after a crop is harvested are a major source of organic matte.
Burning destroys the litter layer, reducing the amount of organic matter returned to the soil.
The organisms that inhabit the surface soil and litter layer are also eliminated.
And since the ground is uncovered, the soil temperature during the day rises, which is unfavourable for soil organisms and seed germination. The soil also dries faster and thus becomes hot and empty of organisms.
The nutrients,organic matter and the micro-organism are very necessery for crop development, and all these can be destroy from the land by burning. During burning when the heat go beyond the favourable tempreture of the organism in the soil the organism will die,likewise all other properties of that soil,elements and organic matter will be destroy too. Thourgh there is temperature when burning that will not harm or destrtoy the properties of the soil but one can not identify that since he is not measuring it,and the organism in the soil have different tempreture requirement there for the best thing is to avoid burning in the farm land. As prevention is better than control.

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