Easter Special Sales

Hello house we @cheapmarketdeal have special packages for you this #Easter Period.
Our #Easter Packages For You:

For 10,000 naira, You get:

  • 4kg Onions
  • 3Herds of Spring Onions
  • 1 herd of cabbage
  • 1 herd of Radish (Red)
  • 1 herd of Broccoli
  • 1 herd of Lettuce
  • 2kg Miangu Pepper
  • 400g curly flower
  • 2 herd of Alpine
  • 2 herd of beet root
  • 3 tubers of Yams.

Shipping To Any Location: 2,000
70% up front payment.
For 15,000 naira, you get:

-6kg Onions
-7 herds of spring onions
-3 herd of cabbage
-2 kg of fresh Carrots
-3kg of fresh Cucumber
-2 herds of Radish (red)
-2 herds of Radish (white)
-3 herd of broccoli
-3 herds of lettuce
-4kg Miangu Pepper

  • 1kg of curly flower
  • 5 herd of Apline
    -5 herd of beetroot
    -5 tubers of Yam
  • 2kg of Irish Potatoes
  • 200g of mint leaves( for burning fats)

Shipping: 2000

70% upfront payment

For 20,000 naira, you get:

-9kg Onions
-10 herd of Spring Onions

  • 5 herd of Cabbage
    -5kg of Fresh Carrot
    -5kg of fresh Cabbage
    -1 paint bucket(4l) of green beans
    -½ paint bucket(4l) of green peas
    -3 herds of Radish( red)
    -3 herds of radish (white)
    -4 herd of broccoli
    -3 herd of lettuce
    -4kg of Miangu pepper
    -1 ½ of Curly flower
    -4 herd of Apline
    -4 herd of Beetroot
    -7 tubers of Yam
    -4kg of Irish
    -500g mint leaves
    -2bucket of white potatoes
    ½bucket of green pepper.
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Shipping- free
70% upfront payment.


All items from our organic farm in Jos and Delta.