Dry season tips for poultry farmers

Dear Farmers,

The hot season is upon us. The atmospheric temperature will be high. As proven, when the ambient temperature is very high feed intake reduces and when it is low, feed intake increases. I have included some tips for livestock owners to help manage the current environmental requirement.

  1. Feed during the cooler part of the day and make sure feed is withdrawn before the atmospheric temperature goes up. The feed should be re-introduced by the time the temperature goes down in the later part of the day.
  2. Cool water should always be made available to the flock. Make sure is off direct sunlight or get it covered properly with wet jute bags in the afternoon. Ice blocks can be added to their water tanks to cool the temperature of the water.
  3. Increase minerals and vitamins in your birds feed by a minimum of 5-10%. If you’re using ready-made feed add vitamin and minerals in liquid form & give to your birds it will help relieve stress.
  4. Keep your litter dry at all times to avoid the stories that touch the heart.
  5. To the broiler farmers always add electrolytes enriched in vitamin C to their water after feed withdrawal.


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