Do you want to expand your fertilizer business?

Africa has a huge potential to grow in every aspect. especially in the agriculture sector. as developing countries, the first thing is to food security, high yield of crops is needed to feed the growing population. and for this purpose, we need quality fertilizers and good planting knowledge.
As a water-soluble fertilizer manufacturer and exporter since 2000, Shifang Anda Chemicals provide both sound products and service in our domestic market and made a large share of the market.

Now, we aim to enter the Africa market, will you join us as our sole national distributor to expand your current fertilizer business? what you will benefit from this cooperation:

1, High quality of water-soluble fertilizers to lead the market.
2, Stable products supply and customizable product formula to suit the market.
3, Promising profit margin to expand your business to another level.
4, Marketing support: from farmer to dealer, to secure your market position.

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