Do you know that Cowpea is Beans?


Top 10 agricultural export is estimated to have earned Nigeria N289.3 billion in one year (April 2019 – March 2020) according to data compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Cowpea makes the list of #cashcrops in high demand as an #exportcommodity .

Cowpea is the most economically important indigenous African #grain legume and a major item in regional #trade within West and Central Africa, where about 80% of the world cowpea trade takes place . On record, an estimated 300,000 metric tons of cowpea is traded each year within the Nigerian Cowpea Grain-shed , but the actual commerce is probably somewhat larger.

Cowpea is an inexpensive source of #protein , its adaptability to different types of soil and its ability to improve soil fertility and prevent erosion makes it an important economic crop in many developing regions.

Nigeria accounts for 48% of #production in #Africa and 46% worldwide making it the highest producers and consumers.

Smallholder farmers #empowerment with ample #mechanisation , input and linkage to #premiummarket is critical to developing this #valuechain

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Not to stray from the point of this post (Cowpea is beans) ,the average cowpea yield in Africa is estimated 483 kilograms per hectare which is still 50% below the estimated potential production yield.

I’m a cowpeas farmer from Nigeria. One of the main factor affecting the production of cowpeas in our community is its market which is not stable. Often, farmers go back home from the market with huge loses.

Please i am interested in the cowpea beans for export purposes
Niyi Ojo