Digitalization of Agriculture

Yield monitoring and estimation

For many years, growers have manually collected fruit sizing data and counted hundreds of fruits on trees, one by one – an immense effort. The digital revolution makes the farmers life easier and changes this approach, by introducing disruptive technologies to automate and refining the process.

A first example in this sense is Pixofarm, which is able to provide current and forecasted average size of the apples, growth rate, fruit count, predicted production and size class distribution at the harvest time, by taking pictures of the fruits with a smartphone. The power of imaginary is getting importance in precision agriculture, as proved by Intelligent Fruit Vision, the start-up using a camera on tractors, to count fruits on trees. A similar approach is the one by GreenAtlas, which, thanks to its hardware, is able to count fruits and flowers in the whole orchard.

Wouldn’t you want to gain access to these technologies?