Different Types Of Farm Equipment


Gone are the days when farmers used to spend days and nights on the farm, manually doing each and every task, right from plowing farm to harvesting crops. Farming machinery has made life easier for farmers. But not all farmers can afford all the farming equipment. Read on to know about some most common types of farm equipment and decide which ones are essential for you.


A Tractor is practically the basic need of every farm and farmer, and is known for performing several tasks. Tractors are available in various sizes, styles, capacities and so on to suit all the farms. Various trailers or other tools can be attached to tractors and can be customized for different purposes.


Yet another essential farm machine used to turn over the entire farm soil effortlessly, bring its nutrients up and making it ready for farming. Different types of plows, like moldboard, chisel and disk are available and you can select depending on your farm’s soil type.


It is used for a second and deeper round of tillage. Pulled by a tractor, this attachment breaks down the soil even more and disturbs the entire farm to make it ideal to grow plants. Harrows are of different types such as chain harrow, spike harrow, spring harrow and many more.

Fertilizer spreader:

Fertilizer spreader, as the name says, is used to spread fertilizer or manure over a field. The machine is attached to a tractor and can be used in many ways depending on the type of fertilizer. A Manure spreader is used to spread solid manure, whereas slurry spreader is used to distribute liquid manure evenly. A Broadcast spreader is the most common and highly used type.


Used for even distribution of seeds, seeders come in various sizes, right from small handheld seeder to huge trailer machines attached to a tractor. The broadcast area of each seeder is different as per their size. Seeders should be avoided if you plan to sow seeds in a row. This equipment is often used to spread salt, sand or even fertilizers.


Balers are machines that collect the remains of hay and straw, and compress and bind them into bales in square or cylindrical shape. Round and large square balers are the main types and you can select one depending on your farm size. It is an expensive equipment and requires maintenance of every part.



Harvester/Combine is also a very important machine that cuts down on physical labor. Combine harvester has three functions, cutting or harvesting (reaping), threshing and separating light chaff (winnowing). It has various heads that are used to cut different crops and plants (eg: standard head is used to harvest oats, rye, wheat, etc.)

Source:Heavyduty Direct

Apart from these basics, there are some other equipment such as sprayers, farm truck, wagon, etc that you can consider for your farm. Depending on your need and budget.