Different Grades of Ginger Ready for Export

Kindly send mail to me: otunmise@farmfunded.com if you are interested in buying Ginger, we’ll ship to you stress free.


How much can you supply ginger to Germany

It depends on how much you can buy. I am based in Kaduna, i am a member of the Ginger Farmers’ Association. I can also supply.

Contact me on inusaalexander@gmail.com or +2347036104557

Great, I will contact you very soon; the quality control team in Kaduna state will check out your stock to determine if it meets standard. Expect my call anytime next week.

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Hello James, I will discuss with the team handling logistics and get back to you on this on monday.

How many tonnes are you looking to buy sir?

At the moment we are not buying Ginger from farmers but I have saved your contact details, will contact by the time we are aggregating ginger from farmers.

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No problem Sir.

Anytime available.

Toor, Nagode; thank you

Hello, how much is a tone of ginger ?

It depends on the grade of ginger you want to buy sir, the price of raw ginger is different from that of Grade A,B,C. The price of a tone of Grade A ginger as of today is $1,550, which is of the highest quality in the international market.

I will like to know the quantity you want to buy sir.

Find attached pictures showing how clean Grade A ginger is, processed and ready for export.

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Their is an ORDER for 1,000 tons of GLOBAL GAP CERTIFIED FRESH GINGER. Can you supply? For EXPORT