Cure Cancer, Diabetes Hair Loss etc naturally

Fight Cancer, High Blood Pressure And Low Sex Time, etc.

Daily, the rate of cancer and diabitc patients keep rising, not to mention the amount of marriages that keep breaking up due to the inability of patners to satisfy themselves sexually. A lot is spent globally to fight cancer and diabities, but sadly little attention is given to a fruit that can cure this effectively without side effect.
The million dollar question now is what is the name of this fruit?
“Strawberry”. This little fruit has the ability to save you millions of naira and a lot of time.
Now let’s quickly look at the unique aspect of this fruit.

Help Fight Cancer: Strawberry contains victamin C, fiber and ellagic acid, which help to slow down the production of cancer cell, and kill carcinigens, thus preventing cancer of the breast, lungs, colon, skin, bladder, and esophagus.

Lower Blood Pressure: Do you have high blood pressure? Eat a lot of strawberries, it helps to lower it due to the presence of anthocyanins, that relax the lining of the blood vessels and open them up.

Fight Cholesterol: Due to the presence of Pectic( soluble fiber), the amount of LDL( bad cholesterol) in the human body is lowered.

Boast Sperm Count And Sex Life: The presence of vitamin C and antioxidants in strawberries helps in circulation, and boast sperm count.
Strawberry also aid in weight loss, pregnancy, general health.
From the above one can see the importance of strawberry to the health of an individual, the question now is how does one get this fruits?
Generally, berries are expensive to get, two hundred gram’s of strawberry goes for two thousand naira in Portharcout. Looking at the price, it might not be favourable to the average. Then how do WD get strawberry at a cheaper rate?
Do you know strawberry can be planted everywhere in Nigeria?
Do you know you could start with less than seventy thousand naira? And harvest five to ten kgs weekly? We at Dece Agro and Farms (owners of CheapMarketDeal) is encouraging people to plant this fruit in their houses as it requires little to no space or stress, and little capital to plant, and its can be planted in cans and used for beatification.
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