Crop benefits in Poultry wastewater

As fresh water supplies become increasingly limited and the world’s population continues to grow, Auburn University College of Agriculture researchers are working on ways to find and utilize alternative water resources for irrigating crops.

“One proven source that can meet this demand is wastewater,” said Brendan Higgins, assistant professor in the Department of Biosystems Engineering. “In addition to providing water for crops, wastewater resources are rich in nutrients, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus. Combined, these nutrients can improve the growth of food crops.”

The first challenge, he said, is that nutrients in the wastewater should be in the appropriate form for stable crop production. Secondly, the crops irrigated with wastewater must be free of pathogens, and, lastly, the negative effects of antimicrobial chemicals in the poultry wastewater must be mitigated.

Given the size of the poultry industry in Nigeria and the current need to reduce environmental footprints, applying such methods can be beneficial for the poultry sector.

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Source - AGDaily