Complete Guide To Commercial Pig Farming In Nigeria

Ever thought of investing in a lucrative business with minimum risk? Commercial Pig farming might just be the business for you, with its mouth watering prospects and minimal risk, pig farming is a thriving business in Nigeria, its not capital intensive, and you only need to possess 4 things; passion for the business, patience(as the profit starts rolling in from 7 months), customers and most importantly, capital.

Passion is needed to give you the tonic that will drive you to achieving your profit goal. Pasassion is the soul of the business as it pushes you to desire the understanding of the market and business. In two short words to this; if you don’t have passion for this business, DON’T DO IT! With that out of the way, capital is the next important function as this is the major part of the business.

Suitable Place For Commercial Pig Farming

You need to know how your capital will be broken down, first you need to know the types of pigsty and the best suitable for you to run. There are basically different types which you can use but I will go with a few that might be applicable in Nigeria.

Pig outdoor pen (could be brick or wooden fence) which basically gives the pigs “happier” living ( this is largely due to the fact that pigs cannot regulate their temperature through sweating, so outdoor pen on a wet mud helps them to regulate their temperature), however, the disadvantage of this type of pen house is that you will need a whole lot of attention for the pigs due to the fact you exposed the pigs to likely harsh weather conditions (largely due to them being outdoor) this implies that you will be needing the services of a veterinary doctor often.

You can also have an indoor pen whereby the pigs are on a tiled floor with their feeds, but the pigs might end up not gaining weight on time, as they will look depressed and of course, eat less due to the enclosed confinement which they are subjected to. this will make them thin and that means lower profit, so I advise you need a combination of the two types I listed above, an ‘outdoor indoors’ sort of pen, there you have it!

You have an outdoor pen that is covered with a canopy (isn’t that genius?). That should cost about 150,000 naira (excluding land rent) for about 100 pigs, and in south western zone of Nigeria, piglets costs about 3000-4000 naira, (that’s like 300000 naira for 100 pigs)you will also be needing the services of 2 pig keepers, these people will ensure that your pigs are well fed and robust.

To talk about well fed, you need to have a pile of food for the different stages of the pigs growth. For their feeds, you need yam/cassava peels, groundnut or groundnut cakes (kuli kuli), bone feeds, fish feeds, rice brains, palm kernel, maize, etc. With all these feeds you be rest assured for robust pigs.


Profit Expectation

You need to have patience (especially if you are just doing the business for the first time), it could really be tiring (or should I say frustrating?) to keep putting in all your resources (financial, emotional, human etc.) for close to 8 months without getting anything back for that period, you might end up waking up one day and decide to sell the farm, you need to be patient (with the pigs, I suppose) and at the end of the day, you might end up to be quite rich from this project (believe me, ask that farmer in ‘babe’ movie).

There is always a market for pig meat and there are huge number of potential customers, be assured, if you have got the pigs, you have got the customers.

I will like to summarize the necessary points you need to undertake in this business:

Discover whether you have the passion by making researches and appraising your character towards fish farming

Budget approximately 500,000 naira (starters for 50 pigs)

Have a land space

Build an outdoor pen with a canopy covering

Get 2 or 3 staffs

Can start with 50 piglets

Get loads of yam peels, cassava peels, groundnuts, etc. from market women (usually cheaper)

Get yourself continuously improved in the knowledge of pig farming by making researches, investigating reasons, etc. If you buy piglets at 3000naira, then 50 would cost 150,000naira, and approximate money spent on feeds for 7 months should be 150,000 naira. Payment of staff goes up to 50,000 for 7 months. One staff is advised for beginners. Cost of the outdoor pen (for beginners) goes for 150,000all these amounts to 500,000.

On the other hand, you can sell a pig (from 80kg – 100 kg) at 25,000naira – 30,000naira,(i.e. 1.25million – 1.5million for 50 pigs) that’s around a 1 million gain on an investment of 500,000 naira (now that’s big)

If you have got what it takes, you can be rest assured that pig farming is quite lucrative and it will have you (if you play your cards right) always smiling to the bank.