Cleaned sesame seeds needed urgently

Cleaned Sesame seeds needed in large quantity.

  • Payment conditions: Bank standing order/LPO bank endorsed will be issued with a post dated cheque. Payments to be cashed 14 days after.

Seller commitment Video of goods with recent date on it written on a sheet of paper, will be attached to the goods.
Inspection of goods is also welcomed.

If seller agrees with these and provide our request, contact Michael on 07036378686 let’s discuss business.

Good day Mr. Michael,
Hope your day has been great too.
Please, let us talk more on the SESAME DEED stuff…
Thank you.

Musa Adamu - 08055037816.

Good day Mr Mike, please is still possible to get me in dayo from samdardeb 08052321720

I don’t understand Sir

Good day sir, what I mean is that I got the message late and I can supply sesame seeds but I don’t know if I can contact you that is what I mean

Let’s talk on WhatsApp with my number 07036378686.