Choising of a planting seed

The best seeds to choice for planting is healthy,viable and improved seeds.As a farmer you can get it from dealers of a good agro allied company,agricultural reserch institution,government or agricultural agencies.After you got the seed,panted and harvested for that perticular growing season,in the next season you are to get the seeds again.But in a situation where there is problem of capital or difficulties,distance or delay etc in getting the seeds,you can select the planting materials from your farm.You can continue to be optaining the plant materials from your farm for some growing seasons,but know that,thier yield and the purity will be declining.
The best way to select your planting materials from your farm for crops like millet,maize,corn,onion,water leaf etc is by going to the centre of your farm look and select the most similar plant in appearance with the original parent plant,cut them when matured and keep as your planting materials. The essense of selecting at the centre is becouse the plants at the burder are more expose to the foreign materials and when harvested they will not be as pure as that of the centre ones
1.Buying the seed.
2.Selecting the centre crops of his farm and obtain the planting materials from them.

Note: Select your planting materials and process it seperate,to avoid mixing it with the grain you are to use or sell.As some people do, by getting their planting materials after harvesting and processing the whole produce,in which the materials may be possibly from the harvested border plant.