Catfish Fingerlings for sale

I heard a lot complaining about stunted growth of fish despite a good/proper management.

Many factors can hinder the growth of fish. These could be quality/quantity of feed, adequate water supply, water parameters (temp, Do2, alkalinity, acidity etc.), genetic factor.

Many Fish farmers pay little or no attention to this latter factor (genetic factor- a good breed).

The moment a Farmer make this mistake of selecting a wrong breed, everything has been gotten wrong in his journey. Getting a step wrong in Mathematical calculation is getting your final answer wrong.

A poor breed can lead to stunted growth, low yield per harvest, capital loss, time consuming and disappointment.

You can order for your fast growing Fingerlings, post Fingerlings, Juveniles Clarias or Hybrid at our farm today, you are assured of best quality.

Early Juvenile (Clarias)…#20
Standard Juvenile (Clarias)…#25

Post Fingerlings (Hybrid)…#15
Standard Juveniles (Hybrid)…#30

#Location: Ilorin, Kwara State
WhatsApp: 07038688933

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