Catfish Fingerlings and Juveniles for sale

Fish farmers in the house there is Pure breed clarias Fingerling available #10 @ketu Alapere. Whatsapp 09062140838. We produce healthy and fast growing fingerling and Juveniles for your good profit in business. We also do training for farmers on breeding and fish smoking. Call Tunde 08035193476

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I am in need of good quality fingerlings . I live in Jos, Plateau State. Would you supply it to me?

Am highly interested in the fish farming business, how to start up, the cost involve , the basic skills and knowledge required, and how long it may take me to establish a moderate fish pond.
Mr poster please if there’s any relevant information that’s of help in regard to the above statement, please kindly forward it to my personal mailbox. Thank you!

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It is possible and cheaper but based on experience it carry a lot of risk due to distance and stressing the fish. I always advice interested farmers to buy in the nearest state or within for smooth and safer transactions.

Thanks for your message. If you are interested in the venture then you will have to learn the mastery before you venture into it not to get your finger burnt. I can train you if you are interested contact me on whatsapp 09062140838.