Castor oil needed


Castor bean is so important that we don’t even know.

The reason why your paints glossy is castor

Its a basic thing in our life.

Woman in labor need oil.

Even the cars we drive glows, thanks to castor( talking about the paint)

The shinny woodwork and furniture in you house. Castor is d secret.

Anything you see that is shinny has Castor oil in it.

Do you know that Electricity generating Companies need castor oil…unfortunately Power Holdings in Nigeria import castor oil for the transformers.

The money in castor is even more in production of its oil.
With a small machine. A castor oil producer can make 1 billion naira in a year

Crude castor oil could be sold to electricity company, textile industries, paint industries, Aviation industries.

Pharmaceutical industries to mention few . All this industries needs castor oil and presently they import the oil from India and China .

Pharmaceutical industries need organic castor bean oil to produce pain killers

The world consumption is high and production is too low

Castor seed is very rich in protein, but also very poisonous, because of the high Rasin content.
Though the rasin can be removed.

If you have castor oil for sale please contact me on 07036378686.

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I have castor seed aviable for sale

White or brown and how many tons do you have now?

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Pls can you highlight me a bit on how to get the seeds for planting.

@Everybody I believe this is an opportunity to sell your castor oil. You can just contact the phone number above.

I don’t see any number please

How much is 6 and how will i get it

Pls l need detail information on cassava plantation

Yes i have the seeds for sale is you’re interested for real.

How can i borrow money for agricultural

Yes I need it for real. How do we go about it


I distribute Super Group Organic Fertilizer. How can you assist in advertising it?


Adebowale Oshodi

Just got into the castor game, hope to have good news in a few months time.

There is no phone number here at all

The number is not visible

I have 5hectares of Castor seed

Please I need details about castor plant cultivation. Comprehensive details pls.

Hi ,may I know how to get the of castor.I need to got in castor farming to produce the oil

This is my number 07036378687

White or brown species? Please call me me on 07036378686