Castor farming and Castor benefits

Prepare your mind on farming and castor farming…,.
castor plant is one of fastest tree in world but is most difficult plant to harvest and dehulling.The castor plant is a member of the spurge family. Science prove it that the seeds of castor seeds are rich inchemicals oil, which comprises between 30% and 38% of the seed weigh.Many people associate castor seeds with the poison ricin. While it is true that the seed case from the castor seed plant contains a small quantity of ricin, this toxin is not soluble in oil. When the seeds are pressed, the oil is free from any toxins and is therefore perfectly safe for medicinal use and beauty treatments.The others importance of castor seeds are:Castor seed are use to produce biofuel which is use by all engines.Herodotus, the father of history, stated that the Egyptians used a type of oil to burn their lamps and for other purposes, which was made by the seeds of Ricinus in the fourth century BC. Castor seeds have many highly beneficial properties and have long been used in medicine. The oil produced from castor seeds contains omega 6 essential fatty acids. These need to be consumed, as the body is unable to produce them itself. They play an important role in the function of many bodily systems. These essential fatty acids – which can be obtained from the oil of the castor seed plant – are traditional treatments for the following medical condition. * Diabetic neuropathy,Rheumatoid arthritis,Eczema,High blood pressure,Multiple Sclerosis,Osteoporosis , PMS,Breast cancer, Menopause symptoms.To buy your castor seed in large quantity call or whatsapp 08036585123