Britain will not run out of sausage rolls, says Greggs

British baker and fast-food chain, Greggs said supplies of its famous sausage rolls will be maintained this year despite a crisis in the country’s pork industry that has leftover 100,000 pigs facing a cull.

Britain’s food sector has been hit by a labor shortage in recent months, leaving fruit and vegetables unpicked on the ground and pigs backed up on farms because the abattoirs do not have enough workers to process the meat.

Such is the pressure that many farmers and food producers have warned that British consumers are unlikely to enjoy their normal range of food this Christmas, with concerns around the supply of turkeys and the festive favorite ‘pigs in blankets’ growing.

Greggs boss Roger Whiteside told Reuters that while the supply chain problems were affecting different ingredients and products every day, the “sausage roll is safe”.

Source: Reuters