Benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf

Have you ever suffered from mosquito bite or high blood sugar? Maybe you often have a toothache or a headache. Despite the fact that these health problems are not connected directly, all of them can be healed by using bitter or scent leaves. Scent leaf and bitter leaf are known for their distinctive smell and bright color. But most importantly, they are very good for your health. Keep reading and we will tell you what are the benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf.

Both scent and bitter leaves are enriched with great medical benefits. Scent leaf is a very interesting plant, which is known for its unusual color and greatly valued for nutritional and medicinal benefits by Nigerians. Bitter leaf is full of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In addition, not only can the leaves be used for medical purposes but the stems, flowers, and seeds of plants can be used as well.

Scent leaves have a very distinctive smell and taste. At first sight, it may seem that the taste and smell are very unpleasant, but this all depends on the way of cultivation. Actually, the heavy smell can make people feel a little heady. But this strong smell also has some positive effect. For example, in fighting against mosquitoes! It is proven that putting some leaves in your room or on the porch can keep mosquitoes or flies away.

In Chinese pharmacology, it is stated that this herb can absorb toxins, relieve pain, and help blood circulation. You can drink the scent leaf or add it to different dishes on a regular basis as well. Do you see now that scent leaf is very beneficial to your health? Sure you do! Also, there are even more facts to know about scent leaf, which you probably never knew. Let’s take a look at how else scent leaf can benefit your body.

Scent leaf uses & benefits

1. Fights cough

Take some leaves and squeeze them to get the extract. After that, take some of the extract and add hot water in it. You can give this healthy drink to your kid or drink it yourself. This drink will not only help to cure your cough but improve your immunity so you will not get cough too often.

2. Solves indigestion problems

If you suffer from diarrhea, mules or other stomach disorders, then a drink made of scent leaves can surely help you. Scent leaf is very effective if you have problems with your stomach. It has the same effect as aspirin and ibuprofen. The recipe is so good that once you drink it, you will feel a great relief. The drink cools the stomach and has a great calming effect on the digestive system.

3. Prevents heart diseases and problems

When you get older, you might develop some heat problems. Scent leaves can prevent any heart diseases and problems. Add some scent leaves in your food and it will improve your heart health.


4. Lowers blood sugar

Both scent leaf and bitter leaf can prevent cancer and reduce cholesterol. Scent leaf especially impacts sugar level and protects the cells that produce insulin from any damage. Also, scent leaf can protect your body from harmful radiation.

5. Helps with lactation

If you have any problems with lactation after childbirth, scent leaves can stimulate milk production. You can eat some scent leaves or add it to your food on a regular basis. For example, you can add scent leaves to fish or meat dishes! Doesn’t it look delicious?

6. Relieves pain

It was recently discovered that scent leaves can also relieve pain. The tea made from these leaves is useful for healing menstrual pain, fever, malaria, coughing and respiratory problems. If you have any problems with your stomach and have a stomach ache then drinking scent leaf tea can help you to feel much better.

7. Has antiseptic effect

Scent leaf is effective for killing bacteria and germs. So if you want to kill bacteria in your body, you should take some scent leaves and boil it. Boiled water and scent leaves can act as am antiseptic.

8. Reduces nicotine

This point is only for those who smoke. If you smoke, then you should really appreciate the benefits of scent leaves. The leaves can ease the damage caused by smoking and reduce stress. Scent leaves can improve your health and prevent diabetes or even kidney disease. Smokers are supposed have some scent leaves when they smoke.


9. Has anti-inflammatory effect

Scent leaf does not only heal wounds and other scratches on your body but can also treat arthritis. It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains calcium, which increases bone density. Eating scent leaves every day can prevent bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.


10. Helps with infertility problem

Scent leaves will not only improve your health but help you to become a mother. Scent leaves boost fertility and are useful for both male and female reproductive organs. You can use scent leaves to make delicious dishes and eat it with chili sauce or chicken. Scent leaves strengthen sperm vitality and work well to prevent infertility.

Women love to eat scent leaves and they enjoy the benefits because the leaves are rich in different components, which help to raise the level of the hormone, estrogen.

11. Helps to get rid of flies and mosquitoes

The last, but not the least scent leaves’ benefit is its ability to fight mosquitoes problem! It’s strong smell protects your body from being bitten by mosquiteos if you put it in your room.

Benefits of bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is a plant of Acanthaceae family. Usually, you can find this plant growing wild in open places such as roadsides or fields. However, if you want to grow it on the back of your garden or on any available land, it will be a great idea. It is easy to plant and grow and has a very good effect on your body.

The plant is believed to have found it’s way to Africa from tropical Asia. The bitter leaf is efficient as a medicine and despite its light bitterness, is quite tasty. Depending, on how you have this leaf processed and if it is done in the right way, then it will bring many benefits to your health. Bitter leaf contains a high level of vitamin A, calcium and is very rich in minerals. Let’s look more closely at bitter leaf benefits to your body.

1. Fights fever


Bitter leaf has an antiseptic effect and is very effective to reduce fever by fighting the heat inside the body. So if you have a fever or are not feeling very well, the first thing you should do is just boil some bitter leaves and drink twice per day. This will give your body more energy for sure.

2. Helps to prevent cancer

The first signs of cancer are usually problems with trophoblastic tumor and even a lung tumor. Bitter leaf can help you to prevent such a terrible disease. It also helps improve your immune system. Some studies show that bitter leaf can not only inhibit tumor growth but also inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. The bitter leaf extract is very useful for treating cancer. So if you really care about your health and your future, then add some bitter leaves to your everyday food.

3. Helps to overcome itching

Do you feel like your whole body is itching? Maybe mosquitoes recently bit you, so you cannot stop this annoying itching. No need to worry! To treat itching, you just need to take some bitter leaves and ginger root, and blend together until they become smooth in texture. Remember to add a little water. Drink it 3 times per day and itching will go away.

4. Reduces level of glucose in the blood

Bitter leaf is a perfect helper when it comes to reducing the levels of glucose in the blood. It contains andrographolide component and this exact component helps to reduce the levels of glucose. Let’s look how you can mix bitter leaf and to make a good, healthy drink.

  • Take some bitter leaves and pour 1 cup of hot water.
  • You do not need to boil it, just wait until it cools down.
  • Drink it daily, at least two times per day.

5. Treats tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a very serious disease which takes the lives of millions of people every year. The tuberculosis bacillus is the main reason why tuberculosis can attack your lungs. This causes several problems, one of which is coughing. The lungs of people who have tuberculosis get inflamed, then soon after, it all gets even worse. To avoid this kind of terrible disease or help to cure it, doctors suggest using bitter leaves as natural herb medicine. Do not need to chew them, just blend them to make a drink. Besides, you can add them to your favorite dishes.

6. Helps in treatment of respiratory infections

Bitter leaf does not only help in the case of tuberculosis but in general can help patients with respiratory tract infections to recover faster. Infections which affect the respiratory tract are can be bacterial or viral. Once it gets to the system, some very unpleasant consequences can be experienced. Therefore, you can use some bitter leaves to treat it or prevent the development of these respiratory infections.


7. Treats kidney disease

Every year, more and more people suffer from kidney disease. It has become a chronic disease for a lot of people. But since the kidney plays a crucial role in the body, we have to pay attention to it. Drink some bitter leaf extract to relieve the pain in your kidney and keep it functioning stably.

8. Improves skin condition

Different kinds of herbs and leaves are always beneficial to skin condition and beauty of every woman in general. But bitter leaf is a very special helper for your skin and body. It does not only reduce the chances of skin aging but also fights against the effects of free radicals. The bitter extract can help to smooth your skin and prevent many skin problems. You can do face mask or wash your face with bitter leaf extract. Also, you can drink a special tea with bitter leaf to prevent acne. Here is what you can do:

  • Peel turmeric and ginger.
  • Then wash all the ingredients.


  • Take 3 cups of the water and boil it with tthe prepared mixture.
  • Finally, add some honey and stir it well.
  • Drink your tasty tea every day, 2 times per day.

Both scent and bitter leaves can be very beneficial to your body and health. These amazing plants are enriched with a lot of minerals and vitamins. Make juice, tea, face mask or add it to your favorite meal and you will become healthier than you are today.

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