Bamboo in Nigeria

Does anyone have any idea about any Bamboo plantations in Nigeria?
It doesn’t have to be big.
There’s a research I’m doing currently on Bamboo.

Thank you.

Which state are you in ?

Explain on your research. Might be of help @CheapMarketDeal. Will be in Abuja on the 2-3rd march 2019. Contact us on 08134700705

I am currently in Lagos.
By April, I’ll be going to Ibadan for some months.

For the sake of the research, I can be willing to travel if it will be worth it.

Do you know one?

Thank you.

I am researching on using Bamboo as a building material.

However, not all species can be used for construction due to some long reasons.

So, I need to carry out tests on the bamboo species we have in Nigeria to see if they are suitable.

If they are not, I’ll need to import bamboo culms or seeds.
But I don’t have the full idea on the propagation and maintenance.

That’s the summary.

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.

My team will get back to you! Drop a means of contact



Thank you so much.
Expecting to here from you.

Well done.
I’m at Abeokuta

There are a few stick stand of bamboo here, if u’re chanced and passing by, you can take a look.

That’s awesome.
Where in Abeokuta exactly?
By the way, can you drop your contact so I can reach out when I’m around?

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