Association advocates ban of tilapia importation

Tilapia and Aquaculture Developers Association of Nigeria (TADAN) has called for the ban of imported tilapia to protect local aquaculture producers in the country.

This call was made during a Food and Agriculture Writers Association of Nigeria (FAWON) forum in Lagos.

The stakeholders noted that the Nigerian tilapia industry would have expanded rapidly in the past few years, if serious efforts were made to change from a small-scale concern to a large one capable of feeding the entire population.


National President, Tilapia and Aquaculture Developers Association of Nigeria (TADAN) Remi Ahmed, stressed that tilapia provides a nutritious and inexpensive protein, which plays a key role in alleviating nutrient deficiency.

Ahmed expressed displeasure over the intense competition from tilapia smuggled from China into the country in the past years.

The National President lamented that despite higher production costs stemming from harsh operating conditions, cheap imports from Asia are making investment not worthwhile.

Source: AgroNigeria