Ask Me Questions: Am Touring Benue & Taraba States with other States

Am currently touring Benue & Taraba states with intentions to reach Abuja and Plateau ask me any questions, ranging from grains foods stuffs, yams transportation what I discovered, etc, accommodation live videos etc

You can watch my video of my trip here @cheapmarketdeal on Facebook & Instagram

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How was market there: where can I get cheapest rice and potatoes crayfish dates:baobab. I will be glad to hear from you on the price of it

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You can get cheap rice from kano, depending on the rice type, local jamila long grain stone free 50kg 21,500, CP1 20,500 FARO44 19,500. Cost of transportation depends on your location

Thanks for the update. I want to find out about exporting cash crops. I have no agric produce but interested in this.

Nice of you to avail the rest of us an opportunity to ask you questions with regards to your findings on this trip. What do you think could be the produce to buy in these states, cheaply, for sale to export markets? I mean what produce do they have in abundance and can sell cheaply, compared to other states (read ‘competitive advantage’)?

Thanks so much I’m from Lagos. What of other products can you get for me .thanks

Depends on the product you looking to buy mention the product and we will source it here. Thank you

For Benue Yams, Beans, Rice, soya beans,
for taraba Fish, Beans, Rice, soya beans, grains etc