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Good Morning.
Please help me with the brief tutorials of how I can process cassava starch.
Kindly also help me to know the available verities of cassava. and their users.
Kindly encourage me on which to cultivate.
Lucigab Farms
Port Harcourt

@LUCIFARMS there re several varieties of cassava. But the generally referred one is TME 419 due to start and moisture content. I will you cultivate TME 419

Please who will be my targeted customer or buyer. Can I k=have some addresses as to send proposals for business.

Please how are cassava sales priced.

Thanks in anticipation to your revert.


Lucigab Farms & Fisheries

There is not specific partner just make your deal good. And buyers will come. Also make do with every available marketing channel. You could get our book to know more about this business