Are farmers job really at stake?

There is an ongoing discussion that the government at federal level plans to hire 1000 artisans & unskilled labour per local government in Nigeria - for just 90days.

This goes without saying that million of jobs in the poultry line as been lost already in the last 7 months due to scarcity of corn & soya beans - thereby sky-rocketing the price of the feeds they depend on. 87% price hike in for soya beans and almost that figure for corn during the same period gives a serious cause for concern.

Is anyone as bothered as I am?

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I didn’t believe in govt policies especially this administration since it came on board so many policies without plan to excute them, the environment is not conducive to do anything arising from high cost of inputs, herdsmen clashes and destruction of farm land, drought and flooding, multiple taxation etc. unless these factors are addressed genuinely we are not going anywhere. Its like putting corn on a bottle before a fowl to eat.

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