Apple Production In Nigeria: How to make millions


It is very important to change our thinking in this Nation from consumer & importer to producer and exporter. By so doing we shall move from poverty to prosperity.

One important crop that we do import and consume daily in Nigeria is Apple. Why? Because it is a temperate crop that could not be grown in Nigeria, a tropical country.

But, do you know that based on breakthrough in research, we can now grow Apple successfully in Africa, especially Nigeria with a variety called WAMBUGU APPLE.

Wambugu is the name of the scientist that had this breakthrough in Apple cultivation in the Tropics. So the Apple is being named WAMBUGU APPLE.

This Wambugu Apple can grown in any hot region and bear fruit of the same quality like the imported Apple from the temprates.

1). It takes only 14 months to start fruiting.
2). It fruits 2 seasons annually
3). It can have 500 to 2000 fruits per season
4). It can survive in hot weather
5). It has high demands
6). It can turn you to millionaire within the shortest time.

1). Plant 1000 stands of Wambugu Apple
2). Fruit production per year = 2000 fruits multiply by 2 seasons multiply by 1000 stands = 4,000,000 fruits
3). Sell 1 fruit at #50 (Fifty Naira) multiply by 4,000,0000 fruits = #200,000,000 (Two hundred million Naira only)

Note: This can even be higher depends on the market price, but the least is #50 per fruit of Apple.


Where can one get the seeds and how much do a packet/ tin go for

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The seedling cost 8,500 naira per stand and 200 naira for delivery nation wide

If seedling for each stand cost 8,500, then cost of 1000 stands = 8.5mill?! How many can afford that startup capital. please be realistic.

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Let tell you a story! We in this part of the world want to start big. Start with 10 stands first or 20 then grow your biz

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How can we get the Wambugu apple seeds?

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Its available Sir for sale from our farm. We do nationwide delivery.

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I will like to get your contact so I can get about two seedlings for a test. This is my contact 08143214810

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Where is your location? Minimum orders is 15 sir?

How do I get the wambugu seedlings

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We have for sale @8500 per stand, and deliver nationwide

Please i need one stand. My Number is 08032832435

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My location is Ekiti

Sorry we can’t deliver one stand

Sure we can deliver sir

I will get back to you when I can afford to buy 15 seedlings

Hello, sir I’m in Gombe state how can i start that apple farm

Nice.Interested as long as I would get a realistic return. I need tangible evidence of this.
Capital is also essential. The money can be sent if there’s tangible evidence of getting at least 200M return. I can be reached on 09053353610.
Let’s talk biz.

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Pls on what type of soil can it survive in Nigeria or


Cost of 20 seedlings to be delivered to Delta State.