Agro-park Development Company

agro-park%20logo Agro-park Development Company is an Agricultural Asset Management company. Our mode of operations is open to subscribers who invest into our company. We have different value chains for our subscribers such as Herbs and spices, Cash Crops, Live Stock and Asset Management.
Investment into Agro-park is more than just putting in your money; it also serves as a source of empowerment. Through this, unemployed graduates have been gainfully employed, community women have been empowered (employed into the system), restless youths have been taken off the street and they are now farm support staff. We went further to establish the Graduate Trainee Programme where we bring in fresh graduate that have little or no experience. We engage them for 6 months, during this time, they undergo different training ranging from theory to practical and at the end of the programmed base on performance, and they are drafted into the organization.
Benefits of the Graduate Trainee Programme
• You will be exposed to the practical aspect of Agriculture
• You will be taught interpersonal skills
• You will be taught emotional intelligence
• Self Management
• Team work
If you would like to acquire these skills or learn the practical aspect of agriculture, kindly visit our website @ Or Visit Our Corporate Head Office Address
Celia’s Place, Plot 413B,Omofade Street, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

You can also call our client service department on 07012121096