Agriculture provide jobs opportunities to numerous number of people

Agriculture provide jobs directly or indirect for a numerous number of people. Farmers produce farm products for their own use and the masses as well by keeping the quantity that will served them and sell the rest. In this process many people get job and ean money starting from the beginning where farmers hire labourers to work for them in either land clearing, ploughing, ridges making, planting, harvesting, processing and packaging etc, commercial driver also benefit by conveying the produce from farm to the market, likewise the labourers in the market whose unload the produce from the lorries,the brokers also who help in selling the produce especially in livestocks marketing, company who buy the produce and process them to other products, to wholesalers and retailers, individuals for consumption and food sellers indeed etc.
In a nutshell farmers due to agricultural production provide jobs to large number of people directly or indirect in oneway or the other which i can’t be able to mention all. Salute to our farmers who provides us with food and jobs opportunities as well.
Try to be a farmer it pays alot, be a farmer who produce either crops, poultry, livestock or fishries or both depending on your capability for either subsistence, which you consume you yourself and your family, and save your money from buying it outside, or commercial where you consume and also sell and get money in return.

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At the just concluded World Economic Forum(WEF), held in Switzerland, a billionaire was asked, what’s is the greatest sector in Africa?
He replied: By 2025, Africa’s agricultural potentials hasn’t will be at 1 trillion dollars, so if you are still thinking of the sector to join, join agriculture.
Agriculture has the potential of changing the lives of you and your family members forever.
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