Agriculture provide income and employment

Wow! Agriculture is really wonderful. And there is no anything that provides money and employment like agriculture. A single agricultural product can served as the source of eaning income and happiness to many people. Here is an example for you
Today i wake up with an intention and interest of buy something which i want, but i have no money at hand what i did is that, i took one of my ram to sell, i stopped one commercial motorcycle rider and took me and my ram to Kara market after reaching there i paid him for the service he rendered me, he was happy and even thank me, i sold the ram and collected my money which make me smile and happy, the broker also was happy and thank me as well because he also got some reward, likewise the person that bought the ram was happy too, then i stopped another motorcycle and droved me back home, he was happy and thanks me also when i paid him.
Here a single ram that i reared has make five people smile, happy and provided them with money. The five people are,:

  1. I myself the owner of the ram.
  2. The commercial motorcycle rider that took me to the Kara market.
  3. The broker that helps me in selling the ram.
  4. The person that bought the ram.
  5. Then the commercial motorcycle rider that took me back home.
    Rearing of animals is an agriculture practice that provides profits and attracts rewards from Almighty Allah for feeding and managing them. The benefits of agriculture can’t be overemphasized.