Agriculture in a digital space

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Over thousands of decades have passed by; our Milky-Way Galaxy has evolved so much that it can now be called a multiverse of its own. Surviving both the crude and refined technological thoughts of man, it has accepted the cavalry crusade of the digital revolution. There is not a sector of a country’s economy that digitization has not disrupted, most especially in the jet speed countries of the world. Even to the smallest details of house hold objects, the internet of things is fast becoming a familiar term among manufacturers and consumers alike. Hey! Look over your shoulders, more machines are coming! Artificial Intelligence is already competing with the human race.
This is where we are today, a planet where nearly everything is interconnected via fibre optics and nodes, integrated circuits and boards, portable devices and applications and not forgetting the World Wide Web engines among many other hosts of inventions. The spiders that knitted these cob-webs must be masters of technology and commerce, the intersect runs from finance to data analytics, education to health, transport to renewable energy, B2B (Business-to-Business), P2P (Peer-peer) and agriculture is not left out…


Considering this topic of Agriculture in Digital Space it may also interest you to know that Agriculture has also adopted the Block Chain Technology and uniquely in Nigeria as well.

Blockchain technology make physical trade execution easier, faster and less expensive as it serves as a permanent records of transactions on a shared digital ledger. For the agricultural supply chain and food security, Blockchain technology promises increased efficiencies through enhanced data management, lower transaction costs, optimized logistics, more robust traceability, efficient tracking in delivery of agricultural products and enhanced food safety protocols.

Thus, **Agrichaincoin is a supply chain network for agriculture industry and food security powered by Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT. It is an integrated platform for farmers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to ensure seamless connection and interaction with each other. It helps digitize the supply chain and helps in tracking data for agricultural products throughout the network. It uses these technologies to make data sharing possible, seamless and create a new ecosystem for the agribusiness and related industries by incorporating customized smart farming practices, the internet of things, and limitless possibility of other blockchain technologies.

Please find the link below for more details and subscription into the project. Agrichain Coin is the next evolution of Agriculture in the technological space with ample opportunities yet untapped. (

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