Agriculture and entreprenurship are the solution

There was a time where population was very low, the government of that time was fair, just and have patriotism of its people, no selfishness, free corruption or even if there is it, but not like in the present time and appointments are base on competency. At that time the government do offer jobs to students who are about to graduate from higher institution, and even offered to secondary school graduate. The government also do pay salary in time every month despite it’s regular and timely payments of promotion arrears and allowances etc.
But nowadays the population was very large and the present government is not like that of the past. Large number of students are graduating and their number is increasing every year and everyone is thinking of having a white collar job, in this present time where corruption has become part of life to numerous if not most of Nigerians, appointment are now base on who you know and who knows you and people are selfish as well. Employment has become difficult to get, despite of all these yet many people are still relying on government, therefor in this situation the only solution is for us to embrace agriculture and entrepreneurship because with agriculture or entrepreneurship you can become independent,self-employed and even have a capability of employing others.
Finally i’m using this medium to call for our students to embrace agriculture and entrepreneurship likewise those who are employed too, to involve themselves in to agriculture and entrepreneurship for self reliance, economic development and national development at large.


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