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Agrichaincoin Launches Africa’s First Ever Agricultural Token Sale

Aims to reduce the 30% lost value of bulk commodities due to inefficient supply chains
Disintermediates traders and banks in the agricultural supply chain
Eliminates fees that can reach up to 13.95% for an agricultural-based consumer overdraft
More accurate and transparent data reduces insurance costs for farmers

Agrichaincoin, the agricultural supply chain blockchain platform that aims to connect buyers and sellers of agricultural produce and ensure traceability of products for consumers, will lauch it platform soon build on the Ethereum blockchain.
Agrichaincoin aims to raise funds to develop the world’s first ever blockchain focused exclusively on agricultural supply chains and erasing inefficiencies that currently see up to 30% of cereal crops, 40% of root crops, and 20% of meat and dairy lost.
With the world’s population set to reach 10 billion by 2050, agricultural technology will have to improve if the world is to feed itself, food waste due to inefficient supply chains has to be eliminated and Agrichaincoin provides a tangible solution to this very pressing problem.
The Agrichaincoin platform is looking to create an industry-wide software solution that supports farmers and key ancillary companies on a single, independent, global platform. Such a platform would avoid problems associated with data fragmentation and antiquated checking procedures that impact cash flow for smaller producers.
About Agrichaincoin:
Agrichaincoin is an agricultural supply chain platform that connects potential buyers and sellers using blockchain technology. The use of distributed ledger technology eliminates the need for intermediaries such as trading houses and banks to ensure more streamlined logistics. It aims to reduce the 30% (50% in developing countries) loss of value for bulk commodities attributed to inefficient supply chains.
Agrichaincoin is selling 8000 stakes to raise seed capital for development and promotion


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How do one invest in this and with what amount?

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