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Agrichaincoin is a food Security and Supply Chain Network built on emerging technologies such as Blockchain and internet of things aimed at connecting farmers directly to consumers and the gigantic global food market

Put simply this is the first cryptocurrency project from African soil with great potential, having promise of a global appeal and acceptability as well as meeting a basic cum fundamental human need of food through facilitation of the funding/supply chain of farming activities

This presents a unique opportunity to be a part of this landmark achievement in Nigeria and Africa particularly for agriculture.

The concept is genius, the Team behind it are world class professionals, who knows their business very well having succeeded on several related Bitcoin projects.

Any sane minded fellow who understands financial trends and has an eye for a viable and a reliable source of good money in no distant time should not hesitate to jump in as a stakeholder.

The benefits are enormous as you will find out.

Seriously many missed Bitcoin, You can’t miss Agrichaincoin! Not again.

The appropriate financial regulatory and governmental authorities are well abreast and are backing this. Agrichaincoin boasts of an amazing collection of expatriates who provides the much needed Technical and international support as well as back up

And as with every business with worth which must cost money, your input translate to become a stake in this Pan-African initiative

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