Agbalumo Season

It’s Agbalumo season and you can’t deny it, you loveeee Agbalumo.

But while it can be soo sweet (and slappy too), it holds some benefits asides being able to make chewing gum or earring. 😂

Here they are our top 3;

  1. It is rich in Vitamin C which is good for your immune system in addition to other benefits.

  2. Some pregnant women find it helpful for fighting off nausea.

  3. It contains just a few counts of calories (below 100), so it can be a useful addition to your weight loss plan. 😉
    What other benefits do you know Agbalumo has? Share with us in the reply section.

🏃‍♀️ We are off to bye some juicy Agbalumo.
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