AFAN raises alarm over threatening climate change, absence of food governance system

The All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN, Sunday, raised the alarm over threatening climate change and the absence of a food governance system as the food crisis looms.

The National President, AFAN, Arc Kabir Ibrahim, stated this while speaking on the need for government and stakeholders to sit and have a holistic view and action to tackle the challenges identified that affect farmers’ effort to feed over 200 million mouths, and also the predicted population of 400 million Nigerians by 2050.

According to Ibrahim, AFAN’s fear includes the threat of insecurity to food security, because if it is affected with the current way it is millions of Nigerians will be in danger of starvation if nothing is done urgently.

He said: “When in 2015 the Agricultural Promotion Policy, APP, also known as Green Alternative was unveiled by the Buhari-led administration Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief hoping that the full implementation of the policy will ensure the proper diversification of the economy and therefore make Nigeria more prosperous.