Abuja farmers lament impact of insecurity, herders’ attacks

Farmers say they have abandoned their fields for fear of being kidnapped or killed by rampaging criminals.

The emergence of insecurity in different forms has become a major threat to Nigeria’s food security in recent months.

Many farmers in rural Abuja communities and across the different regions of the country have been deprived of access to their farmlands for fear of either being kidnapped for ransom, or being attacked or killed by herders.

“Insecurity has affected my farming activities badly,” said Esonu Udeala, who farms orange-fleshed sweet potato along Kubwa Road in Abuja.

Mr Udeala, 58, lamented that herdsmen’s invasion of farms has affected his farming activities seriously and that he could not commence farming early this year.

“I had to wait until everybody else was planting before I could do my best to avoid my farm being attracted to cows,” he said.

The farmer who has been into active cultivation for 13 years, said the delay he witnessed this year would mean he can only expect harvest by August, because he started planting around June 5. Last year he started harvesting around July 15.

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