9 Things To Do With Cucumber

I’m sure you would probably think of sandwiches, salads, weight loss or reduction in eye bags when you think of the benefits of the fruit Cucumber. True right? And also for their refreshing and healthy attributes as well. But besides all these common things cucumber is known for, there are many more weird benefits of cucumber you probably didn’t know about.

Firstly, did you know that 96% of cucumber’s weight is just water? Cucumber’s high water content helps regulate the water balance of the body, especially on hot days like this. Because they are so rich in water and fibre, cucumbers are also a good bet for effective weight loss. Other than this, cucumber has also been an integral part of skin and beauty care rituals for many generations.

In this article, we will focus on the other benefits of cucumber you probably didn’t know about. Let’s start!

Strengthens Our Natural Hair

Cucumber is a cooling fruit that helps the hair from exposure to sun outside and it contains silica which keeps the hair from breakage or being damaged. Just blend the cucumber with a teaspoon of lime or oil and massage your scalp with the cucumber juice.

Remove Marks On the Wall

The outer peel of cucumber is also great for removing marks on the wall. Wall stained with crayons or pencils can easily be removed with the cucumber peel. Just rub on the wall and the crayons markings will come right off. Works on pens and markers as well.

Make Metal Shine

All you need is just a slice of cucumber rubbed on the surface of the metal to remove stains and make it shine. Simply slice a cucumber and rub on the metal with the cucumber skin. That works better. Put it to test and let’s know if it worked beautifully for you. Removes the stains on an old serving bowl too.

Cures Hangover

Always munch cucumber slices after a night of excess drinking. It helps! This is because cucumber has so many nutrients and can eliminate toxins. They are also a great natural cure to get rid of too much alcohol and their harmful effects on the body. Try it!

Quiet A shrieking Door

A shrieking door is enough to drive anyone insane. So to fix this kind of door, a simple natural solution is to rub a cucumber slice on the hinge. Shriek is gone!

Beat Bad Breath (BBB)

Cucumber is a great alternative to cure bad breath, just slice some and hold on the roof of your mouth for 1-2 minutes. It will boost saliva production which helps to wash away any stinky bacteria.

Keeps Slug Away

If you have a slug disturbing your garden, we have found the hack. Cucumber can solve that for you. Apply the juice from the cucumber on a pie tin and put out on your garden. The chemical in cucumber will react with the aluminium that will give off a scent. This is sure to keep the slugs away. Try it!

Prevent Mirror Fog

Are you constantly waiting for the bathroom mirror to ‘unfog’ to shave or put on makeup? Before you take a shower, wipe a cucumber across the mirror. It will help prevent the after-shower mirror fogs.

Shine Shoes

It may seem funny to wipe cucumber on your shoes, but it does make them shine. Sometimes, the polish could go missing or possibly finished just at the time the shoe needed polishing so instead of running up and down looking for your missing polish, try strolling to your fridge or your kitchen store to find a solution.

Rubbing a slice of cucumber on your leather shoe will give them just the shine you need. The chemical in cucumber helps to give that shine and also repel water.

Learned something? Try these helpful tips and share this cucumber hacks with your friends.