9 Myths About Farming and Agriculture

1. Farmers are just in it for the money

Farmers are just in it for the money

Some people believe that farmers only pursue agriculture as a career in order to get rich. With the money and stress farmers have to invest into the farm to make it successful, it’s hard to believe wealth is the sole reason for their decision. Farming is passed down from generations and most farmers continue operating the farm because they believe it’s a noble cause and helps the community.

2. Organic means better

Organic means better

Grocery store products labelled with an “organic” sticker are usually more expensive and therefore people think the items are better than conventionally grown crops. The truth is that farmers who practice organic agriculture still use pest and weed management methods to keep their crops safe from pests and diseases. Chances are a conventionally grown and organically produced apple look, smell and taste the same.

3. Agriculture is a large contributor to greenhouse gasses

Agriculture is a large contributor to greenhouse gasses

With the machinery used and the livestock production of methane, agriculture is seen as a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. This is untrue because as machinery technology continues to improve, fuel efficiency tends to increase and emissions decrease. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, agriculture was responsible for only 9% of greenhouse gasses in 2013.

4. Agriculture is a man’'s world

Agriculture is a man''s world

There’s a misconception that agriculture today, as it was in generations past, is reserved for men. That couldn’t be further from the truth as women are just as, if not more involved in agriculture than their male counterparts. For example, in West Virginia, about 29% of farmers are women and they’re responsible for more than 1.25 million acres of land.

5. There are no jobs in agriculture

There are no jobs in agriculture

There are some people that believe that agriculture is restricted to farming and farming only when it comes to career choices. That couldn’t be further from the truth as agriculture lends itself to countless career paths. From agronomists and veterinarians to mechanics, tradesmen, marketing and transportation professionals, the job opportunities are almost limitless and websites like AgCareers.com can help in the search process.

6. Farmers aren’t concerned with the environment

Farmers aren’t concerned with the environment

Because farmers use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other methods to ensure a successful harvest, some people think farmers don’t care about the environment. This is untrue as farmers rely on the environment to help crops grow. Rain, wind, sunshine and even snow help grow healthy crops. Farmers are always looking for the newest tools and methods to grow great crops while minimizing the impact on the environment.

7. Farmers lack in education

Farmers lack in education

Some people believe that farmers choose to farm because they have a limited education. This is untrue as many farmers have a formal education from schools in Canada, the United States and abroad. By studying agronomy, agribusiness, crop sciences and other agricultural subjects, farmers emerge from their studies with the latest tools needed to take on farming.

8. Farmers aren’'t concerned with animal wellbeing

Farmers aren''t concerned with animal wellbeing

Some people think that farmers only raise animals to be sold and aren’t invested in the animal’s health and happiness. The truth is that farmers care for farm animals as if they were part of the family. In addition to keeping livestock happy, healthy, fed and warm, farmers also help deliver calves, piglets and other animals when livestock is pregnant.

9. Most farms are owned by corporations

Most farms are owned by corporations

There is a misconception that most farms are large, corporate operations who only care about the bottom line and not about the health of the animals and crops involved. However, the truth is that most farms are owned and operated by families who’ve passed the farms down through generations. According to a USDA news release from March 2015, there are 2.1 million farms in the United States and 97% of them are family owned.

Source: Farms.com


This is so true… People always assume all farmers farm just for the money which is wrong.

Here’s another myth:
Farming is a dirty job. Is it really?

I think @Everybody here involved in agriculture should share theirs too. There are so many wrong ideas people have about agriculture.

Another myth is that farming is for old folks.

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Farming is all about passion ,i am a proud farmer though starting on a small scale for now but its not always about the money or age and i don’t have to be dirty …its actually very healthy to sow and watch something grow.


All these myths to me are only based on people’s Mindsets. Majority of them too are either uninformed or misinformed. I have passion for Agriculture even though I’m educated and not old ( as regards some of the myths). Yes I am a green horn in commercial agriculture but I intend to make it big because my passion is my fuel. Best wishes to all Farmers.

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Farmers are poor people. This is wrong.

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Exactly… and this is totally not true. Young people are getting more involved in agriculture than ever.

Very very healthy to grow and eat organic.

Best wishes!!! I agree when you say a lot of them are either misinformed or uninformed and that is one other reason why this community exists.

We are here to promote agriculture… !

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Good morning natures(Plants, Soil, Animals) keepers/manages aka “FARMERS”!!! What is really dirty in providing food or rather God knowledge through us of replenishing the inhabitants of mother Earth? So we have to keep doing what we have to do while we smile to bank as government policies seems to favour the agricultural sector of our great country NIGERIA! My thoughts, Ekpo, Uduak Chima Leonard.

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Dear Team,

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Thanks for reaching out :clap:

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Farm concept

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It depends on location. The farther the land the lesser. #250-#750 should get you 1 acre.08039185168 is my number

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