600k From Strawberry Farming

My first encounter with strawberry in Nigeria. I had always know that strawberries grow in Nigeria but had never had the experience of growing or seeing a farm until Jan 2018.The time while playing in Jo’s, we played our way to chaha a suburb of vom where I saw the fruit for the first time face to face in my life

What is strawberry: few Nigerians actually know that this fruit grows in Nigeria. Hope you are not expecting me to start the genetic definition of the plant?Strawberry as a plant is widely eaten raw or converted to make flavour, soap, ice cream etc.

Among all the business in Nigeria strawberry business is the only business you can start with less than 50k( see the eBook and videos). It also a business that require less effort with high gain. Also a business that needs speed to sell off.
The question now is how do one partake of the wealth in strawberry business?

There are generally three ways of making money from strawberry business.

  1. Farming
  2. Direct sales
  3. Processing

The first require less than 100k to start the second 50k then the third na money.( though it depends on the scale you want to do)
Today we are going to be looking at strawberry farming

Let me start on this note. Strawberry can grow any where in Nigeria contrary to popular beliefs that it cannot grow any where.

There are three major ways of farming this plant.

  1. Suspended means
  2. Use of pot/verse
  3. Lands
    Land preparation:
    Strawberry does well in a land with minimum 12 hours of sun light. Sandy and has a pH of 5.5 to 7max(for best result use 6.5)
    Till the land and prepare ridges or mound that are Max 0.5m in heigh. Completely stripe the land of any shade or grass.After preparing the land. Its then time for transplanting.
    Strawberry as a plant has over 200 seeds on it’s shell but the best forming of transportation is to use seedling(already sprouted seeds).
    This seedlings are placed in the morning with ¾ of their roots into the soil. And covered firmly while avoiding the leaves from touching the sand or the soil.

Watering: It is important to note that strawberry leaves are not watered rather the roots are directly watered using either drip system or flooding system. Also note that evening or morning is the best time to water.

Weeding: This is solely done with the use of hands not machine.

Fertilizer: nitrogen compounds are the best form of fertilizer to apply to strawberry plants, and this can be gotten from human or animal waste.
After planting the soil under the plants is covered with straws to discourage the growth of weed or with nylon.

After this it takes max 4 months for it to starts fruiting and can be harvested 3 times a week.
Pest of strawberry: the major pest are snail and caterpillars
Harvested is strickly done by hand.
After being picked it is washed only when it wants to be consumed. Dont wash and keep it

Quick analysis of how much it cost to start a strawberry farming using sac bags:
Note all price in naira
Let’s say you do 50 units.
Cost of one seeding 500
Transportation of seeding 200
Total cost 700
Cost of sac bag----50
Cost of straw or nylon–1000
Cost of fertilizer( if you don’t have poo)----3000
Minor expenses (logistics)-------------10000


After 4 months:
From 50 stands you are sure of 10kg weekly till harvest week is over which starts from August to April. Which is about 20 weeks.
And an average of 1kg cost 3000 in Lagos

10kg *3000--------30,000


Check the investment and make your choice.

Note: its greater when you use more seedlings, also put into consideration morality rate, cost of weeding and ridging farm, water etc( for those that want easy labour, but it can be done by yourself).

Good day! am David Ezeonyekwere, ask your questions.

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Please where can i get the seedling

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The seedling are available in our farm in Jo’s though we do nationwide delivery

Pls can strawberry grow in makurdi and we’re can I get d seedlings

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Yes. We have the seedlings for sale @600 naira per stand and minimum order is 50 stands

Fash Sales!

Available for sale are 300+ stands of strawberry seedlings at a discounted rate of 600 naira per stand, and minimum order of 30 stands.

Delivery is nationwide, free, and within three working day from date of payment!
Please note is first come first serve!

Call/WhatsApp: 08134700705

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Please can this grow in Ilorin. If yes what’s exact best time for planting

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Yes. And now is this best time

Old how do I place the order

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Kindly contact us on 08134700705 or cheapmarketdeal@gmail.com

Great business idea. How can one get the seedlings in Akwa Ibom…

We can supply you sir. Call/WhatsApp 08134700705

Chaha in Vom, Jos South Plateau State. That’s my area. All you said are correct. Also looking for investors to come to that area for a mechanise farming. Contact me on 08065327067

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Good evening, how can one get a market for it either in ogun, oyo or lags state

Which time or season can it be plant ?
Can it grow from any state in Nigeria


It can be planted anytime

Oh wow can one start in small scale at ones house and is there buyers for the strawberries market l live in lagos

Yes you cab start in your house. We have some in Lagos.
Visit https://cheapmarketdeal.business.site

can you please release your contact